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2018 Best Western by Texas Authors

THE ARIZONAN is selected by Texas Authors as the BEST WESTERN for 2018. This is a great honor and very appreciated. 

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New Releases - Exciting Adventures - Coming Attractions

New and exciting Westerns are coming in 2018. My newest trilogy, The Westerman Tales, will be heading your way. First released will be RED RIVER STATION, followed by REPENTANCE, and wrapped up with BARBED WIRE. Check out the link below for additional information on these soon to be best sellers.

Coming in 2018 a totally new trilogy wrapped around the exploits of Chadbourne Westerman, Range 

Detective turned U.S. Marshal. 

The Bierman Saga

AWARD WINNING western adventures trilogy of novels covering the adventures, activities, and loves of the Bierman family.
Zep and Allie, Byron and Braxton, and Guillo are waiting for you to share their lives and loves. 

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One of A Kind

They bite, stomp, and spit. Yes, spit. They are foul smelling and will walk all over you given the opportunity. However, by the end of this novel, you will fall in love with them. What are they? Camels. Yes, camels. 

HUMPS and HOOVES, a rollicking adventure set in 1850s Texas. Camels imported from the Ottoman Empire are landed in Indianola and herded to Camp Verde. They become the core for the U.S. Army Camel Corps. 

Join Sgts. Billy and Sam in this enjoyable, fun-filled, adventure. 

A recent review of HUMPS and HOOVES by international author Caleb Pirtle III:  



 William A. Burgdorf is a writer and storyteller of historical fiction. He and his wife, Nancy, live in the piney woods portion of east Texas in Tyler.  With a doctorate in education, he melds his education with forty years of corporate training and human resource development expertise to write exciting, engaging, and adventure filled stories.  

His historical research is solid and blends thoroughly with engaging dialogue, dynamic character development, vivid locale descriptions, and distinctive points of view for your reading enjoyment.  

"As a writer, I am always excited to share my stories with you. So, be sure to order those novels that interest you. It's my pleasure to share them."


"Burgdorf's descriptions are so realistic I felt saddle sore and tired after riding the desert with the boys from Company A. If I didn't know better, I would think Burgdorf was there with them. How else can it be so realistic? I'm looking forward to the third of the trilogy. Thanks, Bill, for your work."

Richard H.

"Saddle up and get ready to join the Bierman brothers for a wild round of adventures in the Arizona Territory in the 1880s. A well-researched historical novel, The Arizonan is a masterfully told tale, laced with riveting action, straight-shooting dialogue and compelling story lines. Author Burgdorf gives us bona fide Western characters, authentic details and stories with a cowboy punch. If you’re a fan of Western historical novels, The Arizonan is the real deal."

Lynn A. 


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Welcome to my blog. I intend to provide relevant topics for writers and keep my fans updated on my Westerns with this blog. Read, enjoy, and let me know what you think. 

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