The Westerman Tales Compiled into One Volume for You.

RED RIVER STATION -- Paperback and eBook formats available NOW.

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Cowboys are being killed on a trail drive up the Chishom Trail. It is up to Chad and Isaac to find out why, who, and when the fiend will strike again. Cattle drive adventures at their finest, excitement to spare. Don't miss this Western thriller. 


Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

In this new and innovative age of digital publishing, authors write across genres all the time. I often wondered why western writers tend to follow the same old formula instead of featuring detectives and mystery stories that just happen to be set during the cowboy era. I don’t have to wonder anymore.

In Red River Station, William Burgdorf has produced a genuine western story that’s true to the historical genre. Cowboys are trailing a herd of Texas Longhorns to market in Kansas, moving them up the Chisholm Trail and facing treacherous stretches of danger across every hard, precarious mile of new and unfamiliar territory.

Yet, the trail drive is clouded by more than storms, stampedes, swollen rivers, and the constant threat of Indian uprisings. The drive is stalked by a killer, and it’s up to range detective Chadbourne Westerman to find him, stop him, and bring him to justice.

Cowboys are dying violent deaths and always riding alone on the prairie when the killer strikes.

Are their deaths random?

What’s the strange, demonic motive behind these heinous crimes?

Or does the killer have one?

All we know is that a pair of ebony eyes are constantly watching the young cowboys moving cattle steadily toward the north.

Will any of them survive the drive.

William Burgdorf has written a top-notch western and an even better mystery. His detective is haunted by the fact that he’s had to bury too many boys, and he fears that the vast and empty prairie provides the serial killer with too many places to hide and travel unseen.

How can one man ever track him down?

Burgdorf is a brilliant storyteller.

He can frighten you.

He can leave you feeling uneasy.

He can make you laugh.

He writes so vividly you can feel the heat of an unrelenting sun and taste the dust kicked up by thousands of cattle.

If you like mysteries, westerns, and rip-roaring tales of another and glorious era, you’ll forever remember the time you spent with Red River Station.

REPENTANCE -- Available in paperback and eBook format NOW!

Some, yes, some, do not repent. Others seek repentance too late staring down the barrel of a pistol or at the end of a rope. Chadbourne Westerman and Isaac Wisenheimer are deputized by Judge Isaac Parker to track down and bring to justice an outlaw familiar to them…Rafe Dolin. His trail of death and destruction takes Chad and Isaac from Texas to Dodge City, across Indian Territory, and finally to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

What they don’t expect is to find a diabolical web of revenge and deceit woven intricately by the beautiful and deadly Evangeline Bellefontaine. Never has a trap been created with as much forethought and hatred.

Hot Springs heats up as the insidious plot of greed, retribution, and revenge spins into a tangled web trapping all involved. All the while, repentance slips farther and farther from the grasp of those needing it most.

Ride with Chad and Isaac as they attempt to avoid snares and intrigues in order to capture their prey

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BARBED WIRE - Chad and Isaac's next adventure is ready for your reading in eBook format.

Cut wire means somebody dies and this Western adventure is full of folks looking to cut barbed wire. The Texas prairie is alive with small ranchers looking to survive and large landholders knowing they will. Chad and Isaac are smack in the middle of a drought stricken land trying to keep the peace. Don't miss this opportunity to ride with them. 

What they don’t expect are wire cutters, Mexican banditos, Nightriders, a known outlaw bent on revenge, a range fire, and Isaac’s unrequited heart-rending love story. 

Brushes with death are common and become second nature to Chad and Isaac as they stand between warring parties…they are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. 

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The Westerman Tales in One Volume. All three novellas in one book.

Enjoy The Westerman Tales trilogy in one volume. Set back and share the adventures with Chadbourne and Isaac as they deal with outlaws, Indians, ornery beeves, and conniving heroines from the Chisolm Trail to Texas Hill Country. Enjoy the journey. 

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